More of my journey

Monday, October 19, 2009

So what did I decide to do about the whole weight loss situation, well I started to look at many different plans and such to see what would work for me. After looking and thinking for about a month I settled on a plan. I talked with an Herbalife distributor and decided to try their plan for 1 month. Now dieting is not an easy thing as we all know, but I do believe that dieting is a personal choice and if its not your choice it won't work no matter what anyone else says. You must do it for you and not anyone else. Having never really dieted before I wasn't sure anything would work for me and certainly wasn't sure my convictions were strong enough. Really the only thing I had going for myself was the fact that I was scared that I was so close to the age my parents were when they passed away. A strong enough reason for me to at the very least TRY. So that's what I did. I bought Herbalife shake and a few of their nutritional supplements. I didn't exercise or anything, I just followed the plan to the letter, never cheating once in the month I gave myself to make this work. And it wasn't easy let me tell you. My hubby and kids love their donuts and so do I but not once during that month trial period I had set for myself did I cheat with donuts or anything else that wasn't good for me. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and had lost 8 pounds the first month. I almost cried. So I decided to give it another month. Again I lost weight. That second month is when I decided to start exercising. So I started to walk. A fairly brisk walk, going about a mile each and every day. Soon I was walking twice a day for a mile each time. And actually enjoying it. I don't like to run so walking was perfect for me. The pounds started to melt off me. Soon I had to hold up my size 14's and moved into my size 12's that thankfully I hadn't thrown away. People were starting to notice. What an incredible feeling when someone would say to me wow Diane what are you doing, are you losing weight? You look great. There were times people I knew would stop their cars and yell out to me how good I looked while I was out there walking. This was huge incentive to keep going on my diet. I am not a vain person, and not the most feminine woman on the planet, I wear once piece of jewelery my wedding band, I don't wear make-up, and I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts. I do love my perfume though. But I was starting to look good. As I saw the weight coming off I next stepped up my exercise routine. I started to add more miles to my walking, sometimes walking 3 miles at a time, twice a day. I purchased a pedometer to see how far I was walking and how many calories I was burning. I got a walking stick and some pepper spray just to protect myself, we have a few dogs in the area whom give me the willies. Thankfully I haven't had to use those 2 items on anyone. But they make me feel safe. And sometimes it gets boring out there walking so I got an mp3 player and jam while I walk. Today I can easily walk 6 miles in one trip. I also have a friend who walks with me twice a week and that makes the walk even more enjoyable. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the rest of the exercise I am currently doing. Have a good one.