The ( Dreaded Exercise ) Part

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My walking is wonderful. I remember when I first started to walk, I would get about 2 blocks from home and my calf's would be just burning. This would go on for at least half a mile. Now pretty much I don't have a problem with that at all. I'll tell you what I have a problem with is the cardio and strength exercises. Talk about burn, (although that's the point), now we start to burn. I do about 20 minutes of cardio just about everyday. I do have my days where I just don't do much of anything. These are just exercises to get the heart pumping. You can find cardio and strength exercises on google, it will give you a million hits. One of my favorites sites is They have tons of exercises. I just pick 10 or so exercises that I like and do my cardio. As most women of age such as myself, we start to get wings on our upper arms. Man I hate those. So for a couple of months now I have been doing exercises for that particular area. I think my son called them triceps. Me thinks this is going to take a very very long time to get rid of if ever. I should be so lucky. I am using exercises for the triceps, called something like Sculpting The Arms, and a couple my son showed me. I try to do all these exercises everyday but stuff happens and I don't get to them all everyday. My sister calls me obsessed, and maybe I am, but I have never felt better. All of this stuff I do is a personal choice, you must really want it, because it takes lots of work and dedication. I love it though. And now its time for my walk, you all have a good one.